Optase Allergy Eye Drops

We are pleased to stock Optase Allergy eye drops in all our branches– a drug-free preservative-free eye drop suitable for those with mild allergic eye symptoms and those with itchy eyes due to hayfever. These drops contain a barrier substance called Ectoin which protects the delicate surface of the eye from the allergens (such as pollen)  in the air that cause symptoms of itching, redness and watering. The lubricating component of the drops helps flush through any allergens that settle on the eye and  also refreshes the ocular surface.

Ectoin is a naturally occurring protective molecule produced by micro-organisms that flourish in harsh dry environments. It is well tolerated and safe, with the ability to increase hydration and stabilise the tear film as well as reducing inflammation.

Each box of Optase Protect has 20 single use unit dose applications, ideal for putting in a pocket or handbag for on-the-go usage, and it is suitable for use with contact lenses.

Our optometrists can suggest alternatives for more severe allergies and in some areas telephone and face to face appointments for itchy eye symptoms is funded by the NHS – call your local branch for more information.

Our Independent Prescribing optometrists in Hampshire and Surrey can issue prescriptions when necessary for all available anti-allergy eye drop preparations.