Maui Jim Sunglasses

A Proudly Independent Eyewear company

What started out as a small company selling sunglasses off the beaches of Maui in 1980, Maui Jim slowly grew into the global eyewear entity as we know it today. Still independently owned, Maui Jim offers products and services other companies simply cannot rival, including delivering a personal and consistent customer experience unique to the Maui Jim brand. As an independent company ourselves, we are delighted to stock Maui Jim sunglasses – they truly cannot be beaten for protection, comfort and great vision.

The first intent of Maui Jim sunglasses was to combat the intense glare of the Hawaiian islands (Ka’anapali literally translates as ‘cruel sun’), whilst maintaining the vivacity of colour and beauty which other sunglasses dull down. To this end, Maui Jim developed its PolarizedPlus2 technology, cutting out 99% of glare as well as offering an additional colour enhancing filter, to ensure that you protect from the sun, but keep the shine.

Alongside the PolarizedPlus2, all Maui Jims are available with a bi-gradient mirror, which adds a light mirroring to the top and bottom of the lens. Although almost invisible, this allows the sunglasses to effectively squint for you and sharpens the world you see even more into focus. Lenses are available in 4 basic tint colours: Neutral Grey, High Contrast Bronze, Maui Rose and High Transmission Green, with each offering its own unique advantages without sacrificing the unparalleled visuals for which Maui Jim has become renowned. This improved visual clarity through the lenses leads to less squinting and straining, meaning a more relaxed experience and can reduce glare-induced headaches. Maui Jims company-owned, precision robotic, state-of-the-art, fully automated facility ensures that each lens they craft delivers optical excellence. All glasses go through a 5-point inspection process by their technicians to ensure top quality craftsmanship.

For these reasons, our optometrists will always recommend Maui Jim’s first, as a patient’s visual clarity is our primary concern. It’s not just about seeing well though, it’s also about the protection the sunglasses offer. UV protection is important for the eye itself – but also 5% to 10% of skin cancer occurs on the skin around the eyes. Always wear quality, protective sunglasses when outdoors—even on overcast days. Maui Jim sunglasses have earned the Skin Cancer Foundation Seal of Recommendation as an effective UV filter for the eyes and surrounding skin. The frames also play a role, so larger frames and wrap styles should be considered for outdoor activities. Available in single vision and varifocals, as well as the quite amazing ‘hidden readers’ most prescriptions are available.

Come in and try a pair – you will be amazed at how crisp and vivid the world looks through them – and with a wide selection of frame styles including super-light models you will be spoilt for choice!