Holiday time is here!

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4 July 2022

Most of the world has well and truly opened up again and for those of us brave enough to risk possible flight cancellations and queues, exploration of the globe (or just sitting on a sunny shore) beckons.

However after a 2 year hiatus, you may have become a bit out of practice with planning for your holidays so here are some helpful tips for your eyes and travelling:

  • Don’t forget your sunglasses – and if you need new ones, allow time for them to be made to your prescription
  • Children need sunglasses for UV protection too – UV exposure is greater in children as they have larger pupils
  • A peaked hat or cap will help with glare from bright sunlight
  • Take spare glasses with you especially if driving abroad – it is the law in some countries
  • Contact lens wearers – take your back up glasses with you
  • Keep glasses, contact lenses and vital eye drops in your hand baggage in case your suitcase goes astray
  • Lubricating drops can be useful for contact lens wearers in hot environments – take some with you just in case – airplanes are notoriously dry too
  • Check you have enough contact lenses to see you through your holiday – daily disposables are the most convenient and we can tell you if they are available for your prescription
  • Remember to take enough lens cleaning and storage solutions if you do not have daily disposables
  • Contact lenses must be kept away from all water due to risk of infection and must be discarded if they may have been in contact with any water. The same applies to your lens case
  • If you use eye drops for glaucoma (or other conditions) make sure you have enough to last the duration of your time away and check the temperature they need to be stored at. You may need to make arrangements in advance for a cool place to keep them