Frames & Lenses


The frame must be suitable for the lenses and it must fit properly. There are several measurements that can be taken to ensure the correct fit, including head and bridge widths, the length of side required and the angles the frame makes with the face. We also ensure that the shape and colour of the frame suit your face.

All our frames are supplied with quality cloth and case and are guaranteed against manufacturing defects for a minimum of 12 months. Should they ever become loose or uncomfortable, our dispensers are happy to adjust them free of charge.

We carry a number of designer ranges, such as Coco Song , Calvin Klein , William Morris , Longchamp , Cocoa Mint, and Maui Jim. We have many non-designer brands to choose from as well, with budget frames from £89.


Lenses need to be chosen to suit your visual needs. We will help you choose the best lenses, and show you how they work. For instance, we can advise on the best lenses for computer users working in an office, driving at night, sailing a boat, or reading in bed.

Expert fitting is needed on all lenses to ensure that they will work correctly, but most especially with varifocal lenses. Our qualified Dispensing Opticians will ensure that they are accurately measured and fitted to give you clear and comfortable vision.

Lenses can be made thinner and lighter than ever before, with good quality anti-reflection, anti-scratch and easy to clean coatings. The latest Transitions lenses are available which react in sunlight quicker than ever.

Dispensing Services

Donner Optometrists employs qualified dispensing opticians that are experts who can give you the best advice to find the most suitable frames and lenses for you.

Because we are independent opticians, we have access to a vast range of frames and lenses from several manufacturers.

Childrens Glasses

Only qualified opticians can dispense spectacles to children under 16.

Children under 19 in full time education are entitled to a voucher towards the cost of their glasses.

Donner Optometrists have a range of spectacles that are free with a voucher and another range that involve only a small additional cost.

Children who choose adult frames pay nothing for the lenses and get 25% off the adult price of the frame.

Prescription Sunglasses

We have a wide range of sunglasses that can be glazed to your prescription.

We have safety spectacles, sports spectacles, magnifiers and accessories such as spectacle chains and ready-made readers.