Contact Lenses

Considering contact lenses?

Contact lenses are a great choice to correct your vision -the freedom and flexibility of contact lenses will enhance your everyday life. Whether you want to wear them every day, or just for sports & special occasions, we can give you advice and find the right lenses for you.

Contact lenses are affordable, comfortable and can bring you so much more than just great vision. Many people find that as well as the convenience of lenses (no misting up with face masks!) they get a massive boost of self-confidence wearing lenses, at any age from children to older adults – it’s never too late to start.

If you have any questions about your suitability regarding contact lenses, we are always happy to discuss it further as nearly all prescriptions can be corrected with contact lenses – even if you have astigmatism or wear varifocal glasses. Once you have decided to try lenses – it’s simple. First we can book you in for a contact lens initial assessment.

During this appointment we will discuss the options and lenses suitable for your eyes and lifestyle. We will also:

  • Examine the ocular surface and the eye lids, assess the tear film & take measurements
  • Apply some trial lenses (occasionally this may need to be booked as a separate appointment if trial lenses need to be specially ordered)
  • Measure your vision with lenses to see if adjustments are needed
  • Assess the fitting to ensure maximum comfort

You will then need to learn how to use Contact Lenses -a Handling and Hygiene appointment is needed for this – often this can be booked to be done immediately after the assessment appointment
This session lasts approx. 20-40 minutes but there is always the opportunity for further time if needed.

We will help you to learn:

  • Lens application and removal techniques, with videos to demonstrate, you can watch them here to prepare you
  • Wearing instructions / lens care / solutions & cleaning where necessary
  • Contact lens ‘do’s and don’ts’ including contact lens hygiene advice

Then we issue your trial contact lenses to take away to be worn in your own environment and trial pack of solutions where necessary

A follow-up appointment is then required 1-2 weeks later, we will review the fit and check your vision, making any changes if necessary. Occasionally a further appointment is needed

The cost of a contact lens assessment is £85 which covers all of the above appointments including the trial lenses supplied..

You are now ready to love life with contact lenses!

The majority of our patients choose to take advantage of the Donners Vision Plan. This is our monthly direct debit scheme offering discounts on both contact lenses and spectacles, and covers all future contact lens aftercare appointments and eye examinations.

We will need to see you at regular intervals for contact lens aftercare to monitor the prescription and fit of the lenses and the health of your eyes.

A contact lens aftercare appointment is different from a routine eye examination. The Optician will use a biomicroscope to examine the tissues at the front of the eye to ensure that the contact lenses are not disturbing their delicate balance.

It is also an opportunity to discuss any questions or concerns with your lenses and lens care, and allow us to advise you of any advances in contact lens technology which could benefit you, such as improvements in comfort or the length of time that you are able to wear your lenses for.
Regular check-ups are also now required by law in order to purchase continuing supplies of lenses.

If you are a member of the Donners Vision Plan, all your appointments are covered in your membership fee including any time spent re-fitting you with new or different lens types. In addition, all members receive huge discounts on contact lens prices, 25% discount off the cost of glasses* and 10% off non-prescription sunglasses*

If you are not a member of the Donners Vision Plan, the cost of your aftercare appointment will be from £85 per visit

For further details please contact your branch.

*(Excludes promotional products)