25 July 2022

You may have seen in many of our stores that we now stock sunglasses from Bollé, a fantastic brand with a long heritage like ours.

Bollé was established in 1888 as a family business (only 7 years before Rawlings). They launched their first sunglasses in 1936, pioneering moulded nylon, and then went on to use their experience to make safety glasses and goggles in the 1950s. In 1956, they created the famous nylon ‘cat-eyes’ sunglasses and as they entered the 1960s, they swiftly moved into goggles for skiing and continued to grow, becoming one of the world’s most prominent manufacturers in premium eyewear.

In 1986, they moved into eyewear for cycling, developing the iconic Chronoshield for cyclists. Using their expertise in the manufacture of high-quality protective nylon sunglasses and goggles, they began manufacturing helmets, first for skiing and later cycling, and began to collaborate with top athletes.

This collaboration has continued over the decades and driven constant innovation. Recently we have seen the launch of the Phantom+ sporting lens, the evolution of the Chronoshield 2.0 and the Volt+ high contrast and polarising lenses. This athlete testing adds real world experience too and has been used to enhance the designs to include things like helmet integration for comfort, and lens vents for good air flow helping to prevent the lenses from steaming-up.

Volt+ was the first lens created with artificial intelligence to work out the right wavelength of light to enhance or dampen and absorb. Bolle then blends the right pigments for the desired transmission. This all sounds very technical, but come and test them for yourself, the vision will speak for itself.

Phantom lens technology brings photochromic performance together with a material that is lightweight, impact resistant and a high contrast filter for optimum clarity.

Phantom+ takes these elements further by adding semi-polarisation for snow sports which makes for the perfect mix of glare reduction without loss of the ability to distinguish ice from snow helping reduce eye fatigue whilst offering enhanced reading of the terrain.

All Bolle lenses come with oleophobic, hydrophobic, anti-fog and anti-reflective treatments too and you can also up your style with a colourful flash mirror.

So, with all of this great technology they have vision solutions for so many sports; Mountaineering, Cycling, Marine sports, Golf and Tennis as well as lenses for general use. They have also created different lens tints and finishes for different weather conditions.

With all this lens technology it would be easy to think that Bollé have forgotten the importance of frames and comfort. Not so, they have also put attention into the design and technology of their frames. Thermogrip rubber within the adjustable temples and nosepieces which gets grippier when in contact with water and sweat; lightweight, strong nylon materials for durability and comfort, and designs which incorporate helmet compatibility and interchangeable lenses that give you the most comfortable and reliable fitting eyewear.

With 99% of the sunglasses available in prescription, you don’t need to compromise if you wear glasses. Every prescription they receive is assessed for the optical distortions related to the wrap of the frame and their patented algorithm calculates the best optics for your choice.

With this innovative technology and design, Bollé’s brand values are something that we really love to see in the companies with who we choose to work. Leadership, advanced design & creativity, perfectionism and in this case, devotion to the outdoors.

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